Is SikhNet's Yogi Bhajan cult secretly arming themselves whilst hoping orthodox Sikhs are eliminated?

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Monday, September 02, 2013, 23:21 (3940 days ago)
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Is SikhNet's Yogi Bhajan cult secretly arming themselves whilst hoping orthodox Sikhs are eliminated?

It may seem fantastic to most Sikhs that SikhNet & the Yogi Bhajan cult are planning to stand by and watch orthodox Sikhs eliminated as social unrest rises & more & more hate attacks & murders are directed at traditional Sikhs but let's look at the evidence.

Yogi Bhajan had heavily armed security guards & SikhNet has 24/27 armed patrols provided by Bhajan's 15,000 strong Akal Security, yet not one offer has come to any traditional Sikh or Gurdwara to help train Sikhs in self defense or Gurdwara security.

(1) SikhNet never publishes any articles promoting self defense with firearms for Sikhs but instead promotes pacifism among Sikhs in the face of hate attacks and murders of Sikhs as in the killing of six Sikhs at the Sikh Gurdwara in Wisconsin by a white supremacist gunman.

(2) SikhNet failed to report on the murder of an anti-superstition activist who was investigating the trade in magic remedial stones or "astro rocks".
Is SikhNet's silence do to SikhNet's big $$ interest in Yogi Bhajan kundalini yoga "astro rocks"? SikhNet Q: What happens to a kundalini yoga " Sikh / yogi " when they wear Yogi Bhajan 's tantric necklace? Answer:

(3) SikhNet & the Yogi Bhajan people never participate in Marches held in protest of the Indian government who continue to arrest and murder innocent Sikhs. "Why is SikhNet absent from marches to free Sikhs & never forget the 1984 Operation Bluestar?"

(4) SikhNet never reports on the Hinduvata lead death squads who behead innocent Sikh farmers in the Punjab!
Why isn't Sikh Net providing Sikhs with self defense training? Gursant Singh was beheaded by Hindutva Death Squads while going to water his crops during the night.
American public needs to know that Sikhs carry handguns & will use firearms for self defense

(5) The Yogi Bhajan cult owns Akal Security in New Mexico with 15,000 armed security guards which SikhNet never talks about. SikhNet never tries to employ or even ask Akal Security to help Sikhs with self- defense & security of Gurdwaras:

(6) Yogi Bhajan's ruling organization, Sikh Dharma International which controls Akal Security, never offers Bhajan's Akal Security in helping train traditional Sikhs in self-defense with firearms or security of Sikh Gurdwaras.

(6) From my own knowledge and experience of living with the Yogi Bhajan cult there in New Mexico for 16 years, I can say that many Yogi Bhajan followers have large caches of firearms and ammunition.

(7) Yogi Bhajan, SikhNet's undisputed "spiritual leader" was close friends with Indira Ghandi who wanted to eliminate all Sikhs. There is evidence that Yogi Bhajan colluded with Indira Ghandi, India's butcher of Sikhs in 1984.

Conclusion: The Yogi Bhajan cult will stand by and watch orthodox Sikhs eliminated by hate attackers & murderers directed at traditional Sikhs while the carnage of social mayhem is witnessed by the Yogi Bhajan group after they've gathered in Espanola New Mexico & get protection from Bhajan's Akal Security forces. SikhNet offices are only 100 yards from Akal Security.

Call or write Gursant Singh with questions and requests for help with individual or group training at your Gurdwaras on the use of hand guns and rifles for self-defense and security.
Ph 505 903 2675 or write

What will it take for Sikhs to start self-defense training with firearms after still another attack on a Sikh man in California yesterday?

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