Sikhs demand that SikhNet take a stand against idol stone worship of Yogi Bhajan by SikhNet's 3HO benefactors!

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 14:22 (3645 days ago)

The link shows Yogi Bhajan followers bowing to idols & a bowl of money on June 21st 2014 at 3HO's "Peace Prayer Day"! Write SikhNet and demand that they stand-up as courageous Sikhs should and stop this insult to the Sikh religion.





My 30 years of experience in the Yogi Bhajan 3HO kundalini yoga cult
Did Yogi Bhajan design his Kundalini Yoga for mind control cult induction? In this video I discuss how Yogi Bhajan designed his kundalini yoga to create hypnotic states in order to control minds and make his students more susceptible to induction into his cult. In my experience, the Yogi Bhajan way of smashing everyone into altered states by piling on more and more exercises, meditations and perhaps a gong meditation leaves people spacey and prone to induction into his cult. That's probably why he (Yogi Bhajan) did it and why Kundalini Yoga teachers keep on doing it. The heavy breathing (breath of fire as Yogi Bhajan called it) techniques, loud gong sounds ringing in your ears and hours of Yogi Bhajan mantra chanting, sometimes in front of his picture, put unsuspecting people into an almost trance like state, making students more susceptible to induction into the Yogi Bhajan cult. Yogi Bhajan would have us hold our arms up for hours in some "kriya" he made up. We were so exhausted after several hours that we'd believe or accept anything Yogi Bhajan said. So it is today with 3HO kundalini yoga trainers.
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Shame on 3HO for NOT acknowledging innocent kundalini yoga students raped & abused by Yogi Bhajan! If you're having a problem signing into the website be sure to click on as a guest using the red button in the far bottom right of the screen
Read testimonies of Yogi Bhajan abusing & cursing his kundalini yoga students "I would lose my soul" if I left him, Bhajan would say!
Is this legacy of Yogi Bhajan's poison what today's Kundalini Yoga students and consumers of Yogi Tea want to be known by and associated with? The evidence points clearly that Yogi Bhajan, founder of kundalini yoga, was a fraud and routinely abused his students for power, money and sex! Bad seed produces poisonous fruit.
"Yogi's legacy in question. Former followers say he abused his position for power, money and sex"
By Sherri Buri McDonald The Register-Guard
How can anyone follow the teachings of a beast like Bhajan who raped & abused his followers. Anyone who follows Bhajan's kundalini yoga is as bad as Bhajan when they honor his corrupted legacy by practicing Bhajan's self-styled kundalini yoga! Shame on everyone who refuses to even read or acknowledge these testimonies of innocent young people who had the unfortunate fate to be abused & even raped in some cases by Bhajan!
Academic study shows Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga is a fraud!
A recent academic paper has thrown new light on the origins of Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga, casting serious doubts on its supposed origins.
Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory
Volume 8, Issue 3, 2012
Special Issue:The 3HO Sikh Community
The construction of Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga
"As opposed to the official history of Kundalini Yoga that claims it as an ancient and secret tradition prior to Yogi Bhajan's open teaching of it, this article argues that it was a bricolage created by Yogi Bhajan himself...."

10 foot high Yogi Bhajan idol funded by SikhNet tantric / kundalini yoga cult disturbs Sikhs!

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Sikhs alarmed over thousands of dollars being spent on a new 10 foot high bronze idol of Yogi Bhajan by SikhNet & 3HO tantric / kundalini yoga cult! It is now confirmed that Yogi Bhajan's cult is planning to unveil a massive 10 foot tall idol of Yogi Bhajan to adorn Yogi Bhajan's death place in Espanola New Mexico where his followers will worship Yogi's image during their 10th anniversary "tribute" to this yogic fraud.
Here is the announcement by the sculptor who created this abomination. It should also be noted that this is the same sculptor who created the golden baba siri chand idol which 3HOers worship at the SikhNet offices in Espanola New Mexico.

Yogi Bhajan's Mukhia Jethadar Amrit Singh Khalsa says, "The latest piece I am working on is a sculpture of the Siri Singh Sahib ji and with over 400 hours of Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, it is near completion. This came as an idea from the Khalsa Council to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Siri Singh Sahib's passing. It was suggested that it be a full size bronze statue, monumental in height at 10 feet tall. There is a place designated at the Ranch for it to be placed."

Just think of all the worthwhile projects like helping the Sikh widows killed by mobs in 1984 that could be assisted with these thousands of dollars that will be spent on this bronze idol of SikhNet's fraud Yogi! I called some sculptures to get some idea of the cost for a 10 foot high bronze statue and I came -up with an estimate of $50,000 or more!

Why did Yogi Bhajan call himself a yogi when Gurbani tells us "jogi jugat na janey aandh.." ( the yogis are blind and know not the way to the true path..)

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