Gurmukh Kaur's Hollywood Hindu fire pujas & havans are violating Sikh code of conduct for Sikhs !

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Does SikhNet support Gurmukh Kaur's Hollywood Hindu fire pujas & havans which are violating Sikh code of conduct for Sikhs ?


As a concerned Sikh I protested a Hindu fire puja or "Yagna" being performed at Gurmukh Kaur's Yogi Bhajan Hollywood kundalini yoga center on Saturday.

Its not that I am opposed to Hindus performing these fire pujas because that is their right and duty as Hindus but someone like Gurmukh Kaur who uses Sikh names, wears Sikh clothes, a Sikh turban and calls herself a Sikh, should not be performing these type of Hindu rituals and worship of Hindu gods as it violates the Sikh code of conduct and misrepresents Sikhs and the Sikh religion especially because Gurmukh is in such a public position as a world renowned yoga teacher. For a Sikh their worship should be rendered only to the One Timeless Being and to no god or goddess.

You can clearly hear in the video at this link:
how the participants at Gurmukh's yoga studio parking lot are chanting bhajans to the Hindu god Krishna in celebration of his birthday. Gurmukh Kaur even states in her invitation to this event:

"On the 16th of August, we'll be so blessed with the presence of a holy man from India, H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati. We'll honor Lord Krishna's Birthday at Golden Bridge Hollywood with a Yagna, which is a fire ceremony for purification that they do every single evening alongside the Mother Ganga in Rishikesh, India, which we love so much.....
Lord Krishna ignited the Souls of thousands of people to Unconditional Love...~Gurmukh Kaur

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! In front of Gurmukh Kaur's yoga studio, I asked her to discuss how a Sikh should conduct themselves, why do so many Sikhs oppose her performing these Hindu pujas? Gurmukh responded with "We won't be discussing anything" as she arrogantly walked back inside her yoga studio. I also talked to a 3HO young man wearing a dastar in his late twenties outside Gurmukh's yoga studio. I asked him how he could justify attending Gurmukh's Hindu fire puja and his response was that his wife is not a Sikh and he quickly walked away when I presented the fact that these Hindu fire pujas are against Sikh teachings. Even though I saw many 3HO people come inside the yoga studio for Gurmukh's fire puja, no one else talked to me.

All in all it was very very disturbing to witness how these Yogi Bhajan followers who call themselves Sikhs and use Sikh names, worship Hindu gods and practice Hindu rituals. My conclusion is that "They just don't care!" I am sad to report that 3HOers like Gurmukh Kaur are beyond arrogant and completely wrapped up in their fake Hollywood world. They are completely under the control of maya! The Swami has them under his spell. I am so happy to be out of that awful Hollywood scene of maya. Its only by Guru Sahib JI's grace that I survived.

SikhNet endorses Hindu fire puja & Swami at Yogi Bhajan Hollywood kundalini yoga studio!

SikhNet director, Ek Ong Kar Kaur Khalsa, stated in a letter to a Sikh; "....when people like Gurmukh Kaur participate with Hindu leaders in doing a Pooja, it is just an interfaith event."

SikhNet featured Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in this SikhNet article at this link:

The question is: Will SikhNet continue to show their Hindu leanings by supporting Yogi Bhajan's "yoga teacher to the stars", Gurmukh Kaur, who shows complete disregard for the Sikh Reht Maryada by hosting a fire puja & Hindu Swami in her Hollywood yoga studio parking lot?

Write or call SikhNet at these contact numbers and demand that SikhNet take a stand against Hindu fire puja at Gurmukh's Yogi Bhajan Hollywood kundalini yoga studio!

1-A Ram Das Guru Pl.
Espanola, NM. 87532 USA
Phone: +1-505-814-1523

Gurmukh Kaur is misrepresenting the Sikh religion & showing complete disrespect for her Sikh name! Sikhs also ask SikhNet to take a stand against this woman as she is part of their Yogi Bhajan cult and should not be using Sikh names like Gurmukh, Kaur or Khalsa!

"Jab lag Khalsa rahe niara. tab lag tej dio mai sara.
jab eh gahe bipran ki reet. mai na karo in ki parteet".

"So long as Khalsa retains his distinct identity, I will give him my entire radiance and strength. But if he should take on a non-Sikh way of life, then I shall have no confidence in him and withdraw my support and protection". Guru Gobind Singh Ji
EVERY Sikh is representative of the Guru and the Khalsa Panth, especially one who is in the public eye. If they behave in a way that breaches SRM (Sikh Rehit Maryada) the whole Khalsa suffers.

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