Forum with former Yogi Bhajan followers presents an excellent explanation of why the Yogi Bhajan prescribed daily "sadhana" for all 3HO members is not part of Sikhi!

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Tuesday, November 04, 2014, 20:22 (3512 days ago)

Sikhs who want to know the inside story of SikhNet / 3HO practices will want to participate in this forum with former Yogi Bhajan followers where Antion Vikram Singh has presented an excellent explanation of why the Yogi Bhajan prescribed daily "sadhana" for all 3HO members is not part of Sikhi!

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith says: Veer Jespal Singh Brar ji, I am 99% certain that these are taken at yoga classes. So you might say "well, this is not Sikhi, so what does it matter?" My first point is to emphasize the near worship of YB, even amongst yoga students. But the much more disturbing issue is the way that the Bhajanists have all but eliminated mention of the Guru Sahiban other than Guru Ram Das Sahib. The yoga students are taught that there is a "Golden Chain" of yoga teaching. It used to be that the "Golden Chain" came from Baba Siri Chand to Baba Virsa Singh to YB. After YB fell out with Virsa Singh (1971) the "Golden Chain" was amended to come directly from Guru Ram Das ji to YB. The progression of the Guruship from Guru Nanak Sahib to SGGS is barely mentioned, certainly not in yoga classes. I know you are likely to say "but these are only yoga classes so what does it matter?" OK, fine. But then why bring Guru Ram Das ji into Kundalini Yoga at all? Bear with me Jespal Singh ji, I am at this moment working on a full explanation of what Bhajanists do in the amrit vela and will post ASAP.

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith says: In 1992 YB commanded that all of his students - Sikhs and non-Sikhs do something he called the "Aquarian Sadhana". This was to be done "forever'. In other words it is a permanent part of Bhajanism and is unlikely to ever be changed unless someone arises who has equal or even superior status to YB. Unlikely in the forseeable future.
The "Aquarian Sadhana" is a curious mixture of Gurbani, mantras that are kinda, sorta Sikh and at least one Hindu Sanskrit mantra.
This is how it breaks down.
Japji Sahib - OK, it's great that people are being exposed to the great Bani of Guru Nanak Sahib.

Kundalini Yoga Session - That's OK with me, I do not object to physical fitness for Sikhs, or anyone for that matter.

Then the "Aquarian Sadhana" begins in earnest. The sangat will chant or sing the following mantras:

Mantra - Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Waheguru
This was given the name "Adi Shakti Mantra" by YB. As you can see the mantra consists of various words from Gurbani patched together in a way that does not occur in SGGS.
Reputedly this mantra was given to the late Maharaj Virsa Singh when Baba Siri Chand appeared to him in a vision. It is the main mantra for followers of Baba Virsa Singh. He called it "Naam" and gave it to his followers - including YB - as an initiation. YB brought it to the US in 1969 and it became the first mantra he told his yoga students to chant. Tine: 7 minutes

Mantra - Wah Yantee.
The websits describes this mantra as follows:
"This mantra was given by Patanjali, a great Yogi. It is said that over two thousand years ago Patanjali was lecturing students on prophets who would come in the iron age, the age of Kaliyug.
He prophesied Guru Nanak Dev Ji's coming into the world and gave the "Waa Yantee" mantra which describes Wahe Guru. The "Waa Yantee" mantra also predicted the coming of the "Wahe Guru" mantra.
The "Wah Yantee" mantra is known for awakening the intuition. Wha Yantee is one of the mantras on every Aquarian Sadhana CD. According to Yogi Bhajan the practice of this mantra is the culmination of hundreds of years of prayer."
This is a Hindu and Sanskrit mantra. Enough said. Time 7 minutes.

Mantra - Mool Mantra
No comment necessary. Time 7 minutes.

Mantra - Sat Sri Akal
Sat siri siri akal, maha akal maha akal, sat nam, akal moorat, waheguru.
This mantra is almost certainly a fabrication of YB and has no relationship to any Gurbani, Time 7 minutes.

Mantra - Rakhe Rakhanhar
This is the final shabad from Rehiraas Sahib. Time 7 minutes.

Mantra - Waheguru Wahejio
Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahejio. This mantra does occur in Gurbani and is done sitting in the yogic posture known as Virasan. Time 22 minutes.

Mantra - Guru Ram Das
Guru Guru Waheguru Guru Ram Das Guru. This mantra was reputed;ly given to YB by Guru Ram Das ji himself. Time 5 minutes.

This represents the entire "Aquarian Sadhana". Is it in any way bad? I don't think so - EXCEPT when it is represented to be part of Sikhi. As I said previously this is a pastiche of Gurbani, mantras that are kinda, sorta Sikh and at least one Hindu Sanskrit mantra. Since Sikh Rehit Maryada only approves compositions from SGGS, Dasm Granth, and writings of Bhai Gurdas and Bhai Nandlal one has to ask, if you call yourself a Sikh why are you dabbling in these things?

Waa Yantee, 2,000 years old mantra, Author: Patanjali, Kundalini Yoga
This mantra was given by Patanjali, a great Yogi. It is...

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