Letters to Unto Infinity Board and Sikh Dharma International

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Thursday, April 08, 2010, 12:04 (4251 days ago)
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Just read in these letters the infighting that is going on in the 3HO Sikh community and decide for yourself if the Tantric yoga Yogi Bhajan taught his students is damaging or not.
Please read an Excerpt below taken from

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

The Name of Golden Temple and its Murals

"In England last year a firm advertised some blue jeans as Jesus Jeans. The whole religious world of England rose in one protest and stopped the manufacture of these jeans. The word Golden Temple has become an instrument of commercial affairs of Yogi Bhajan He has now even named shoe stores as Golden Temple. I was given a "Wha Guru Chew.""

"Yogi Bhajan is using the sacred Sikh mantras and the sacred name of Guru Ram Das as a mantle for his Tantric Sex Yoga which will inevitably lead to mental and physical debauchery of those who take his brand of Sikhism contaminated by crazy sex-energizing asanas seriously."

From: gt khalsa <gtkhalsa_2000@yahoo.com>
Subject: [khalsa-council] A Global Settlement
To: khalsa-council@mail-list.com
Date: Sunday, March 28, 2010, 6:24 PM

Sat Nam.

If I were a young man searching for a spiritual path - as I was at one time -
and read the emails that have been posted for the world to read over the past
year, I would see what appeared to be one group that was a bunch of crooks and
the other that was a bunch of very angry, self-righteous, old people. The only
thing they would have in common would be their spiritual practices. I would,
of course, quickly move on with my search. This is the real danger that the
SSS's legacy is facing.

If this goes on, I expect that there will be a well funded SDI with very few
people. There will be a SDW with many more people, but with inadequate,
ongoing funding to do much of anything in the years ahead.

There are times when settlements with compromises are very hard to achieve,
especially when deep religious principles are involved. Agreeing for the
greater good is difficult, because it usually involves one of the most
difficult of human emotions to embrace - forgiveness.

As difficult as things are, there is a way out that preserves the SSS's

1. At least two members of the UI Board retire.

2. UI appoint replacements when needed to the UI, SDI, SDEI, Sikhnet and
Sikh Dharma Affiliate Boards from recommendations given to it by the Khalsa
Council. If they do not accept the recommendations, the KC would submit new
lists until the appointments are made. This is similar to the US Senate
appointing Supreme Court Justices, Cabinet and other high positions from
recommenadations given by the President.

3. There would be no need for SDS to continue to exist, since the
original mandate given to the UI Board would be back in place.

4. With respect to SDI Board members and officers, there be a mandatory
retirement age of 55.

The last condition is primary and fundamental because it recognizes that there
is a third group - the next generation, that can lead us forward. It is a
group that can have widespread support and that can, if they see fit, seek
advice from those of us who are older and who, under the guidance of the SSS,
built the Dharma - but who are also on the verge of destroying it.

I frankly do not believe that the two sides will have the capacity to agree.
It may be that these events have demonstrated that SDI is no longer a relevant
organization. I doubt that President Obama or anyone who is not directly
involved in this drama will lose sleep if there is no Siri Sikdar Sahiba, Bhai
Sahiba or Chancellor. SDI could continue solely to maintain the ministry.

Indeed, if this were to happen, the local sangats, 3HO, KRI, WTY, SDEI and
Sikhnet will continue to do their work and serve humanity. The Khalsa Council
could be replaced by a Congress of representatives from these communities that
share and mutually support their common passion of living and spreading the
SSS's teachings that directly impacts each of them.

I don't know what is to come. I do know that years from now, when we look back
at these times, we will not be able to honestly say that what happened was
God's/Guru's will, was meant to be or was our destiny. What happens will be
the consequence of decisions that people in leadership positions will make in
the next few weeks.

I do not know who attended the meeting in Portland, but I expect it was mostly
people who were either appointed by or financially dependant on UI. I also
expect that the upcoming meetings in Espanola will be filled with assertions
of how good are we, how bad are they and the need for money to continue the
battle. I have no interest in any of this.

These times call for extraordinary, conscious leadership. WIll we meet the

M.S.S. Guru Terath Singh
From: Hari Bhajan <haribhajan@radiantlifecoaching.com>
Subject: [khalsa-council] Response to Unto Infinity Letter to Global Community
To: khalsa-council@mail-list.com
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 2:24 PM
This message was also sent by haribhajan@radiantlifecoaching.com to: untoinfinity@gmail.com,

Dear Siri Karm Kaur, Kartar Singh, Peraim Kaur & Sopurkh Kaur,

Sat Nam. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us. Though your words were eloquent and the intention one of "reintroducing"
yourselves a worthy one, for me there is a very clear issue which you have never addressed in any of your communications. Perhaps you did when you spoke to the gathering of the non-profits "to personally express the joy of our spiritual growth and practices." What I sincerely want to know, as I believe many of us do, is where have you been for the last 3-4 years when you were going through the "spiritual growth" that has led you to drop the form and practices of Khalsa? Why did you not communicate openly and authentically of your decisions and why did you so completely ostracize yourself from the sangat and the Khalsa Council? If you truly believe that you have chosen a path of spirituality that represents "more of who you are" why would you not trust that we would honor you for following your heart?

There are two "assumptions" that I can make, neither of which may be true, but because of a lack of transparency by you and by observing actions as they have unfolded over the last couple of years, are what I'm left with. The first is that you think you are now practicing a more evolved form of spiritual practice and that we in the Sikh Dharma community, are not as "realized" as you are. This would account for your decision to stay on as members of the UI Board and for why you have not deemed to join us at meetings, events or to walk among us at all. The other assumption I can make is that you truly believe that it was the intention of the Siri Singh Sahib for the UI Board to be populated by yourselves, without any consideration for the fact that you are no longer practicing Sikhs and that you should continue to reap the benefits from such positions. My question to you on this account is--Where in the history of his life did Siri Singh Sahib ever place a non-Sikh in the position of running our businesses or non-profits? Did I miss something? If so, please enlighten me.

As to "Seeing God in All"--this is a most precious and uplifting vision and is to be referenced with much thought for how we wield these words. Absolutely, as Khalsa, it is our sworn duty to Guru Gobind Singh to always defend and uphold "the God in All." How I see it is that we are like spirals, with our nuclear families, our religious families, cultural, local, national and global families. It all fits together and we must respect Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, all as brothers and sisters. That said, in every family there is a structure and an understanding of the responsibilities of the members and where the schism comes with your being the "head" of this family, is that you may be a role model for some family, you are not the role model for this family--for the Khalsa, for the sangat, for our children and their children and for those you wish to join the Khalsa, to take Amrit, wear bana, chant banis and bow at the feet of the Guru. Maybe you think you are--and if so, please show us, be men and women of courage and sit and speak with us--even those you think are "gossiping and spreading rumors," because if you do not do so and if you do not prove conclusively to us that you can be trusted and that this is the dawning of a new and brighter day for the Khalsa, then you will never have our trust, you will never have our support and the UI Board and all of your communications and actions will be looked upon with suspicion and as self-serving.

I'm a Taurus and have a pretty patient and contented nature, but show me the red flag and I will charge. I have been in the Dharma for over 35 years and "grew up" with the four of you--lived in Oregon with Kartar & Sopurkh, worked at Yogi Tea when we rolled the ingredients in big barrels, and have hugged and cried and triumphed with you all over the years. I ask you, from my heart, to bring your highest and most courageous self to bear in responding to not only my questions, but the deep pain of this community, those who are feeling betrayed and lost and confused and, frankly, infuriated, at the thought that what they value most--these teachings, this Khalsa path, is not THE most important priority of their leaders and is something that they would lay down their lives for without one second of hesitation. This is what we desire. This is what we deserve. This is who we are and always will be. Can you rise to that standard? If so, join us and be willing to put your beliefs, your decisions and your actions on the line. If this does not happen, if we are only fed these words of unity and "common spirit" then they are just that, words, words that fly away with the slightest breeze, with no anchor of courage and commitment to heal, uplift and serve the people they are spoken to.

May the Guru always guide us to our highest destiny.

Peace, love, light,
Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa
Los Angeles
From: Seva Kaur Khalsa <sevakaur@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: [khalsa-council] Response to UI/SDS Communication
To: khalsa-council@mail-list.com
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010, 5:47 PM
Beloved Members of Khalsa Council,
Sat Nam.

As I read the letters from the Unto Infinity Board and the Sikh Dharma Stewardship, the words were elevating, noble and openhearted. However, I am unable to accept these words to be the truth. There is a gap between the meaning of your words and what I know to be true as a Sikh, a woman in our Dharma, a student of the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan, and a former employee of Golden Temple.

I began this spiritual path in the early seventies in Eugene, Oregon. We worked long hours at the bakery, 'the bakes' and hand wrapped Wha Guru Chews in the ashram living room. Kartar Singh was one of the 'ji's and together we baked, packaged and delivered bread, granola, and natural candy. Our beginnings were humble. Yogi Tea began a few years later in Los Angeles, of which I was involved. Throughout the years, I have helped create and design packaging, websites, ad campaigns and sales materials for Golden Temple, Yogi Tea, Peace Cereal, Sunshine Oils, and Wha Guru Chews. I have sat in numerous meetings with the Siri Singh Sahib, where he spoke so clearly about our products, what they do and how they heal, about the importance of his picture and signature on our products, about our mission and, yes, about our salaries. There was never any doubt that his picture belonged on our packaging, or that our businesses and products were meant to serve and fund our Dharma or that our sacrifices were not part of the cosmic plan. Peace Cereal, an unusual concept in the food industry, was created to help fund Peace Prayer Day and position us as advocates of peace. Yogi Tea, became number one in the health food industry with packaging that contained our Sikh shabads and 3HO songs on the flap and breath of fire on the top. Our websites featured Yogi Bhajan and his incredible story. We had successfully created products which aligned with who we are as a spiritual Sikh community.

Now things are very different. Since the Siri Singh Sahib left us in 2004, Wha Guru Chews is gone; Sunshine Oils is gone, although in the capable hands of our brother Sat Kartar Singh; a portion of Golden Temple has been transfered for $100 into the hands of eight people who stand to profit generously; Peace Cereal is in the process of being sold; and Yogi Tea no longer is called Yogi Tea, no longer has the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan's picture or signature on the package and no longer is branded as 'the tea that takes you on a spiritual journey'. Our boxes have simple pictures of a cup with herbs, in keeping with our competitors packaging.

Since the Siri Singh Sahib left us, dedicated people around the world have lost their jobs; board members have been replaced with others more sympathetic to the UI Board; the Siri Sikhdhar Sahib, the Baisahiba and the Secretary General have been fired; the members of SDI have been fired and are being replaced; and Khalsa Council has been cancelled.

This does not even touch on money and I believe this to be our major issue. Given by your salaries and your actions since 2004, it seems to me that you, the members of the UI Board, believe that a major portion of the money from the profits of our businesses belongs to you personally. That you have earned it through your sacrifice and your years of service. That the initials after your names have made you entitled to this wealth. Remember, we have all journeyed on this path together. No one is high and no one is low. We sacrificed as we were called. Through our commitment, our sadhana and our spiritual practice we learned the art of surrender. There is no doubt and our history shows, that these businesses were created to fund our Dharma and our 3HO and Sikh lifestyles. They were not created to make a few people wealthy.

At one point when I was working for Golden Temple, I asked the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan for a raise in my salary. I wanted more money and I felt it was deserved. I had no retirement to speak of. He laughed at me and said he would not increase my salary, but he would pay me every time I played kirtan. He, conversely, said he would charge me every time I cleaned his room. This was his beauty as our teacher. It was an honor to clean his room for which I had to pay for that honor. And to play kirtan, he was honored to hear any of us sing the Guru's shabads. Similarly, members of the Unto Infinity board, it is an honor to be chosen to be a leader. It is an honor to oversee our communities and our teachings. It is an honor to manage the millions of dollars of profits from our Dharmic businesses. And for this honor, you similarly have to sacrifice. The transparency which you now claim to have, this communication after years of silence and the creation of the Sikh Dharma Stewardship website does not undo the damage you have done to our community. The Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan said to me, "Look around you Seva. All of this is yours." This Dharma we have built, our Gurdwaras and ashrams, our Dharmic businesses, our schools, our library of teachings, our big spiritual family - yes, it all belongs to each of us. To protect. To honor. And to fight for.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

With love,
Seva Kaur Khalsa
Los Angeles/Oak Hills, CA
My Response to the Unto Infinity letter to the Khalsa Council.

March 26, 2010

The Unto Infinity Board:
Kartar Singh Khalsa, Peraim Kaur Khalsa, Siri Karm Kaur Khalsa, and Sopurkh
Kaur Khalsa

I have received and read your March 25, 2010 letter. Below is my response as a
Minister of Sikh Dharma, as a member of the Khalsa Council and as a student of
the SSS.

First let me first share my own simple message- to paraphrase Kabir- a lie is
like someone sitting in the corner eating garlic-sooner or later everybody

From your recent and past communication, it appears to me that you don’t
want to be part of an identifiable spiritual community. It appears to me that
you want the status, control, the financial benefit, and recognition of
leadership but not the responsibility and accountability of actually having to
live what you purport to espouse and teach. It is my belief that in the age of
truth, however, one cannot expect to inform or uplift anyone with a lie.

Based on what I have read the UI was not created as “overseers”. You were
given an opportunity to serve this community as sevadars. And please when you
use the words” based on the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi
Bhajan”, it is my preference that you use an asterisk or other clarifying
phrase to indicate that what you mean is the “teachings that we(UI) believe
we can conveniently practice, and forget the rest.”

If I take your statements in this letter at face value:” The members of Unto
Infinity oversee the corporate boards,……, based on the teachings of the
Siri Singh Sahib/ Yogi Bhajan, you are no longer qualified to “over see”
this organization or its resources. The SSS did not teach that dharmic
business should be transferred to individuals, he did not teach that when you
get a lot of money, or feel “conveniently evolved” you should abandon your
spiritual identity, or yogic principles regarding maintaining one’s hair,
the consumption of intoxicants and the consumption of meat. He didn’t teach
that when some one asks hard questions you should lie or deliberately hide the
facts- so if by your own admission, your ability to “oversee” is based on
this fundamental criteria-“the teachings of Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan”
then in my opinion you are no longer qualified to populate the UI Board.

By the way, I love the “overseer” concept you have put forward and the
line “Unto Infinity is not the one who does the work. Our job is to
facilitate your work.” When do we break out the mint juleps? I guess all us
chilluns ought to be mighty happy that Massa UI is up in the Big House
lookin’ out for us.

In my opinion if you are not ready to do the work, then you need to be gone.
Retire on your own dime and your own time. The SSS worked with UI (you and I)
the same way he worked with everybody. Despite your inflated self-opinion all
he provided was the way. If you don’t walk the way you don’t have the
teachings or the wisdom contained therein, no matter how many copyrighted
videos you control. You folks don’t know any more than any of the other
hundreds if not thousands of intelligent, successful, aware people in this
organization that have been faithfully practicing this technology for the last
thirty plus years. You didn’t get an autographed special yoga manual or a
secret handshake so let that bit of animated fantasy go.

As I understand 3HO-Sikh Dharma we don’t have “individual missions” and
“various organizations” we have one mission with multiple delivery points.
The seed and the tree are one even though there are many branches bearing much
fruit. Without truth and without an identity that reflects and embodies truth
then the seed is corrupt, the tree is corrupt and the fruit while it might
look good will not nourish.

I find it curious that you could not attend the Khalsa Council meetings last
year in order to “begin a fresh process to introduce (y)ourselves and (y)our
perspectives” before the entire Khalsa Council, but after being sued and
basically busted regarding your pattern and practice of conduct inconsistent
with the SSS’s teachings and vision, exposing your self-professed
abandonment of your role as Ministers and trustees for this dharma you had an
“epiphany” and called together a still unnamed group to make this

(I checked my mailbox, e-mail accounts and phone messages and I didn’t get
an invite)

If you are truly sincere then you will resign immediately as members of UI to
free up the space for individuals with the qualifications and commitment to
fill the position.

If you want to demonstrate true commitment to SSS/YB’s global mission then
you will immediately rescind the transfer of Golden Temple to Golden Temple
Management and terminate the sale of Golden Temple cereal division.

Your synopsis of your recent meeting says to me that you gathered some folks
together, that you admitted that you have abandoned your status as Ministers,
you acknowledged that you have abandoned the SSS’s teachings( which of
course you are committed to protect and preserve, but not practice) – and
since I have not seen any letters calling for your resignation from the
people, who attended this meeting, I am free to speculate that the people
there with you acknowledged that as long as the money is flowing, they were
O.K. with your conduct and your status as members of UI.

As a child of the 70’s I am all for “joy”, “what feels right”,
“creative flow” and” groovy man”. One might be inclined to argue and
ask:” After all isn’t this why we came to study yoga, so we could get off
on a “natural high”, man. Did we really sign up for some Eastern religion
where we have to stand out, wear a turban and a” dress” with some
“skinny pants”? Can't can we just “grow” and have some “unique
surprises”( read get rid of the crap that we really don’t want to do)”.
My answer is you can, but you can’t lead this organization or control its
for-profit, non-profit entities, assets and resources.

As for personal transformation and change, if the technology and your prayers
have allowed you to evolve into individuals who are no longer qualified to
lead this organization, then accept the next logical step in that
“evolution” and move on. I am fine with “transformation” and I invite
you to transform your selves right on out of here. Leave the resources, the
money, the business and the land and those of us who are still
“un-evolved” will handle it from here

While in your opinion or limited view there is "no single look, practice, nor
set of rules that can capture that infinite spirit through any defined
conformity," our job, as I understand the way it was defined by SSS is not to
capture the “infinite spirit” and skip through the fields scattering
flowers. Our job is to serve. We were trained that in order to optimize and
facilitate that service people need to recognize and find us immediately by
sight, not after some all night gestalt session.

Besides we are musical and music has rules of rhythm and laws of harmony.
Within that defined musical structure there is infinite space for individual
creativity. The same is true with the identity of the Khalsa as we have
demonstrated by creating everything from women’s turbans, the evolution of
turban styles, to malas, stylized kirpans and embroidered bana. Just like
music, as Khalsa we have to play the right notes so people can recognize the
song- how each of us plays that song has infinite possibilities for individual
creative expression within the form.

So if you are espousing the old Hippie anthem: “I’m still afraid of rules,
man” and you are still conforming to non-conformity- let it go. It’s a new

As I read it, your view of discipline is that it is “a means to experience
(y)our eternal unfoldment”. That’s nice. Since you said it, I hope you
know what it means. In my experience and opinion the discipline we have been
trained in provides the wisdom and the endurance to serve when it’s not
convenient. As the world changes even more dramatically the training and
aligned strength we have developed will allow us to serve effectively under
greater and greater adversity.

I too like “blossoms” and I also like reality. In my opinion the flowers
of mutual appreciation, love, peace and unity will not bloom on a tree watered
by secrecy, misrepresentation and intimidation.

I am intrigued with your statement that:

“Some people have started to create separation by choosing who is accepted
and who is not. The core teaching Siri Singh Sahib chose to print on his
business card was “If you can’t see God in All, you can’t see God at
all.” We feel that our community can be a leader in setting an example for
peaceful co-existence, upliftment and service.”

Let’s put to rest this nonsensical argument that “some people” have
started to create separation by choosing “who is accepted and who is not”.

What the law suit says is that if you were trusted by the SSS and the
community to watch over money or other resources meant for the community and
instead you manipulated your trusted status, changed documents, fired
Ministers, and took, used, or misappropriated resources meant for the
community for your own personal benefit then you need to be removed from your
trusted position, undo what you did, and give back what you took.

What I and others Ministers have said is that if SSS appointed you to lead
based on your status as a Sikh Dharma Minister, a set of standardized
qualifications that were/are consistent with SSS's teachings and the teachings
of the Guru’s (And Guru Ram Das sits on the Throne of Kundalini Yoga) and
you abandon your status, those qualifying elements, misappropriate assets
meant for the community, abandon a large body of the teachings which have to
do with diet, hair, intoxicants and maintaining a functional, recognizable,
organic spiritual identity, then you are no longer qualified to lead this
community, control its policies or manage its entities, businesses and assets.

By saying the above, I have made no statement regarding your status as an
accepted and recognized creature of God’s creation. You are simply in my
opinion no longer qualified and acceptable as a leader of this community.

As far as seeing God in all, I can see the God in the rattle snake, it
doesn’t mean I will underestimate God’s infinite creative wisdom in
designing the rattle snake and put my hand out so it can bite me.

In my opinion the foundation of the teachings shared by SSS/YB is the Siri
Guru Granth Sahib. The Guru can’t be bought, sold, or intimidated. Every
single day it speaks the truth. Every moment of our training, every lecture,
every sadhana, every class was/is is designed in my opinion to prepare and
align our nervous systems, mind and body to hear, absorb and act in a manner
consistent with its wisdom. The status of the technology of Kundalini yoga and
the disciplined life of a Sikh are intertwined. We get up early, read Japji ,
chant:”Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo”, we do some BOF, stretch pose, meditate on
God’s name all so we can be most awake and open to hear the words of the
Guru, every day. For some this may be a tough pill to swallow because the
discipline required to grow spiritually on this path becomes less about
preference (where the ego still has some leverage) and more about duty,
sacrifice, service and doing the right thing(where the ego
has to be conisistently wrestled down to zero)

In the final analysis it is my view that this sacred technology: Kundalini
Yoga, Shabd Guru, White Tantric Yoga, Naad Yoga and the ancillary technologies
to which we have been exposed and in which we are trained are not the
personal domain or property of any individual or group, they are not just for
the folks who “play ball”, or “the inner circle” or any of that
nonsense. The full array of technologies are available to the world through
all of us. As the initial trustees of that technology we have a duty in my
opinion to present this technology with the same integrity and consciousness
with which it was presented to us. We were left with instructions, a blue
print and a mandate to develop and maintain the skills, discipline, identity
and attributes of the Khalsa in order to safeguard, protect, preserve, and
share this sacred information as we transition from the Piscean to the
Aquarian Age. Whether we follow these instructions, maintain
the skills, discipline, identity and attributes will of course be up to us
and will in large measure in my opinion impact our success in fulfilling our

In closing, I think it is both tragic and unfortunate that you, the members of
UI continue to leverage the trust of the SSS, use his words, his teachings and
members of the community to facilitate your own personal agenda and to justify
your own inability to admit to yourselves perhaps, but certainly to the
community that you have breached SSS’s trust, manipulated SSS’s words,
abandoned SSS’s teachings and betrayed your teacher and a community that
counted on you to deliver.

S.S. Gurujodha Singh Khalsa

Dear Members of the International Khalsa Council - Unto Infinity asked for this letter to be forwarded to you today. With blessings.

March 25, 2010

To: Those who practice and share the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan on Kundalini yoga, consciousness and dharma:

We want to share a simple message, that as individuals and as members of an administrative board established by Yogi Bhajan, Unto Infinity, we are inspired by all your efforts to share these teachings, to impact and uplift the world in a positive way, and to cultivate your own experience of infinite spirit with the legacy of these teachings.

The members of Unto Infinity oversee the corporate boards, who create and deliver the missions of each of our nonprofits to be economically prosperous, administratively effective and globally penetrating in their outreach, based on the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib/ Yogi Bhajan.

Unto Infinity is not the one who does the work. Our job is to facilitate your work. We are normally in the background; each of our nonprofits and you are the foreground. The Siri Singh Sahib worked with us and trained us to help with the funding, functioning and administration that would assure the opportunity for long term success as we uplift, heal and share with the world.

The core purpose behind the individual missions of our various organizations has been the global upliftment of human consciousness through the heart and leadership of each person and with the body of teachings given to us by our teacher.

Our own focus is dedicated to a positive future and a collaborative approach to empowering all our nonprofits to grow and fulfill their missions as inspired by our teacher. As part of the steps forward, we recently decided to gather with many of the nonprofits we are responsible for and to begin a fresh process to introduce ourselves and our perspectives so the leadership of each group could have an active, creative and collaborative voice in creating the future.

Our sincere thanks from Unto Infinity to all the members of the non-profits and others, who took time to travel, meet and join in a sincere and future oriented dialogue with us. We were inspired by the clarity and willingness of each person to contribute to an expanded effort to protect, preserve and promote the teachings we have been given by our teacher. We valued the opportunity to listen and to share.

We hope each of you who participated experienced our commitment and focus to deliver our contribution to Siri Singh Sahib/Yogi Bhajan's global mission. We hope you will communicate that spirit to all who wish to know. We look forward to ongoing communication and creative processes to deliver this mission together.

In this gathering with representatives from 3HO, KRI, SDS, SDI, SDEI, Amar and WTY and several other community members, we shared our personal journeys and began a process to build from the vastness of what is common in all of us and in our different nonprofit entities; to continue to build something beautiful that honors who we truly are. We acknowledged Unto Infinity’s priority with respect to preserving and promoting the Siri Singh Sahib / Yogi Bhajan’s Teachings.

When we met and shared our perspectives, each member of Unto Infinity took the opportunity to personally express the joy of our spiritual growth and practices and our full support of everyone else's. We emphasized no one is asking anyone nor any organization to change what feels right to them. We recognize that spiritual growth tends toward uniqueness and surprises us in its creative flow.

Personal transformation and change are natural with a technology as powerful as we have been given and with the depth of our personal prayers for our spiritual evolution. There is no single look, practice, nor set of rules that can capture that infinite spirit through any defined conformity. The discipline is a means to experience our eternal unfoldment. As integration of a disciplined practice of the teachings blossoms, what naturally manifests are more mutual appreciation, love, peace and unity, as is our essence.

With respect to our organizations, we ask each to find effective ways to share the teachings in a manner aligned with the Siri Singh Sahib’s intentions: that they are shared inclusively and for upliftment, unity and peace. Some people have started to create separation by choosing who is accepted and who is not. The core teaching Siri Singh Sahib chose to print on his business card was “If you can’t see God in All, you can’t see God at all.” We feel that our community can be a leader in setting an example for peaceful co-existence, upliftment and service.

This is the prayer and projection of each of us. It is the common spirit we experienced with each person when we recently connected, and communicated with authentic respect and sincerity. The most important thing is the difference we can make in the world and how well we can preserve and pass on the teachings for the future.

We found from those with whom we met that all of our nonprofits are setting an inspiring example by continuing to work together, by focusing on serving our global community, by putting aside rumors and gossips and by keeping open hearts and open minds, focusing positively and collaboratively as the core of the conversation for the future.

In Peace and With Love,

The Unto Infinity Board :
Kartar Singh Khalsa, Peraim Kaur Khalsa, Siri Karm Kaur Khalsa, and Sopurkh Kaur Khalsa

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