Yogi Bhajan's Ego Maniac Utterances

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The following is taken from "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" by Dr. Trilochan Singh.

Yogi Bhajan's Ego Maniac Utterances

In this chapter we shall be recording only the egomania utterances of Yogi Bhajan which are repulsive to Sikhism and some of them an open insult to the Founders of Sikh Religion. We shall be commenting only on those which require theological interpretation. Any Sikh who has even rudimentary understanding of the basic doctrines of Sikhism will know the patent absurdities of these utterances from the point of view of Sikhism. I must state in the beginning that Yogi Bhajan has cleverly built a grandiose, erotic and fixed delusional system of his cult based on a crude and unhealthy mixture of Sikhism and Tantric Yoga, which has no religious sanction so far as Sikhism is concerned. He has built the whole administrative system of Teachers and Assistant Teachers to make his American followers believe that he is not only a spiritual genius of rare order but an inspired prophet of the Aquarian Age which in Indian terminology is called Satya-yuga. He has also tried in the past either to belittle or keep well-informed and enlightened people away from the Indian Sikhs in big cities, so that the American Sikhs may not know what is important for them to know. Yogi Bhajan conceals his ignorance of Sikh doctrines, meditation techniques and mystical experiences behind a facade of superficial sociability and talkativeness of being the only Self-appointed Mahan Tantric and the only Self-appointed "Chief Religious and Administrative Authority for the Sikh Dharma in the Western World." On the letterheads bearing the stamp of the Secretariat of Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan, this statement is further made clear that he wields this authority in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe, Japan, and Asia Minor. He has wisely and tactfully excluded Great Britain where the Sikh community has totally rejected him and where he has only about seven followers who are mingling with the Sikh community and deriving the real benefits of Sikhism. I also do not know which 3HO geographical genius has convinced Yogi ji that the Western Hemisphere also includes Japan. No such Religious Authority has ever been exercised in Sikhism either in the East or in the West, nor can such an Ecclesiastical position be given or taken by anyone from any Institution or Society. It is against basic Sikh traditions.
Yogi Bhajan sees every person and every Sikh Institution in terms of self-reference. If they outwardly like him he asks his followers to patronize them and takes credit for their success and blames them for their errors. If any person or Institution is critical of him or dislikes him, he bullies them, tries to shout them down and looks forward to their misfortune and even has the audacity to inform them in writing through one of his secretaries, that the misfortune had befallen them because they had earned his divine displeasure. I have seen one such letter written to the gentleman to whom he owes his entry and footing in this country. I strongly believe that he can still do a lot of good to the Sikh Community and his own fast declining prestige if he gives up his Tantric Tamasha (theatrical game), corrects his grievous mistakes of self-reference, and his self-made delusions. He still has tremendous energy, ability, tact to do good, but by pretending to be the Head of the Sikh Community in the Western Hemisphere, which no Sikh worth the name besides his cult followers acknowledges him to be, and by introducing into Sikhism Tantric practices, distorting Sikh doctrines and scriptures and even claiming that he has done more than Guru Gobind Singh could ever do, he is taking the path of moral self-degradation, alienation from the main stream of Sikh Community, and hurting those who have sincerely come to him for Sikhism and only for Sikhism. The following selection of his oft repeated utterances loudly speak of the way he is going. Before we give quotations from his speeches and writings we first give the impression which the American Sikhs carry of him, and what he has made them believe he is.


Yogi Bhajan a Powerful Man

"Yogi Bhajan admits that he has only revealed to date a small portion of that knowledge that he holds, much scientific in nature. He has spent forty years of his life in search for Truth,1 traveling from one holy Man or Guru in India to another, compiling and sorting out in his how Great Mind the bits and pieces. Every Word that comes from the mouth of Yogi Bhajan is readily recognized to be Law. Unlike Christ and other 'Venus Teachers' who approach man with the proposition 'you do such and such a good deed and you will be appropriately rewarded' (Grace), he spanks. His deliverance or approach is in the form of an ultimatum, 'you must do it or suffer the consequences.'
"Yogi Bhajan is unquestionably a Powerful man . . . He is quick to point out to his students that there is no use to attempt to 'buffalo him' or butter him up for he can see through all that ego and he promptly reduces all who elevate themselves unrighteously. Tantric Yoga of which Yogi Bhajan is the sole Teacher in the world, deals with male and female, Yin Yang Principle. All of the exercises were carried out in pairs, most of them with eyes fixed on the eyes of the partner for a prolonged period of time. The eyes could be felt being drawn to concentrated one pointedness."
Beads, Autumn 1971 (page numbers not printed)

The Aura or Magnetic Field
and Sleep East-West

The Saturn force has a magnetic field that enables the man to achieve. The magnetic field is built up on man because there is electricity in the human body. Electricity that flows from the nervous centers makes the message nerves and sense nerves impart the message to work the whole city. First is the circumvent force which protects the body from the outer forces. If man meditates on his breath he can link the intimate to the ultimate.
The second force is the magnetic force which is the outcome of electricity. It keeps us together. Those who sleep North-South, their magnetic field and the magnetic field of the earth are one. They lose their initiative, they become zero. Their magnetic field and the field of the earth are one, thus they cannot hold the pressure of the earth's field. Their nerves become weak. That is why you should sleep East-West.
The circumvent force or aura circles the body and protects it from negative forces. If the life force and the mental force are one-pointed then the circumvent force is pure; man is better than a god.
Beads, January 1972 page 8


Aquarian Age and 5th January
Yogi's Prophecy

We are entering the Aquarian Age and the star of the Aquarian Age is Uranus which represents speed, truth, understanding and love. It started projecting its rays from its horizon towards the moon, which reflected it on earth on the 5th January 1961, and the cycle of nine years is complete on the 5th January 1970 when for the first time from the mental it is changing to the life force and it will start reflecting from the horizon into sun rays. Now the Uranus rays will be coming to the earth through the sun rays which is a very important event of the Aquarian age. The forty years of the cusp period has many important events to come. By the 21st June 1972 the rays will reflect directly through the sun's and it will be completed by the 21st of June 1976. The 21st of June 1976 is the most important day of the Aquarian age. The bliss of good vibrations, the humanity crosses this time limit, the beauty of the age will be enjoyed by all of us. 3HO (Healthy, Happy and Holy Organizations), which represents the way of life in the Aquarian Age, started its work on the 5th of January 1969 and now calls on the people to join the community.
Humbly Yours . . .Yogi Bhajan, Beads, 1970, Vol 1, lVp 1

A Date With Yogi Bhajan: November 1971

Tonight I will tell you something very very secret of the life which people normally forget. Man is electro-magnetic field, that is true, but it is not subject to the Law of Resistance. After this day on which I am talking to you, the other relation will come in 2,000 years which will be beam age, where man shall develop the light and beam current of versatile beings. You do not understand what I am talking because that is not your era.
I am making a statement. You can note it down. Man will have developed a brain. The coming children in 90 years from today will have a brain with special development around the point of the pineal gland. They will have small cells which shall be known by knowledgeable people as vibratory centers through which ordinary man shall communicate at long distances.
Do you make any sense out of it, what I am talking? You are all stunned because I am talking exactly the calculus.
Beads, January 1972, page 4

Yogi Bhajan On Women

Yogiji had told us that where the man rules in the house there is harmony and where the woman rules it is hell on earth, (page 34)
The Man is the sun and the woman is the moon. She is the receptive force. She changes little the moon. Her body is on a lunar menstrual cycle. Just as she is the daughter of the moon, man is a child of the sun. He is steady and unchanging.
K.R.I. Issue 8, page 34 and 35.

A woman has a system in her which has been lost in most women of the Western world. This system is connected with her secretion of estrogen. Her system must seize itself. A chill must go through her spine, her hair must stand on end, each pore of her body must be activated and the motor organ of her brain must stop functioning. These are the characteristics which make a woman a woman. She is automatically intuitively protected against any advancement towards her aura.
Woman as a system, is subject to the moon, and her ovaries, fallopian tubes and vagina have secretion glands. The membrane in the vagina has its own faculty of secretion as well as a faculty to absorb that secretion. When a woman goes through menopause, it is the lack of the secretion of estrogen from the ovaries which makes her misbehave as males do.
It is astonishing to note that women here go through menopause at 36. Normally women should not go into menopause until they are 54 years old.
After 28, there is another behavior, because of the change in the cycle of the pituitary gland, which controls her mental state. So this 28th year change brings in a woman the tendency to sit like a hatching hen. That is the exact expression in the scriptures. She wants to sit over everything. She wants things to happen. It is called "Hatching hen attitude." Now this is a most dangerous state of mind. There is a saying in the scriptures, "If you want really to kill a woman, let her sit idle."
I have studied to teach you about all those great civilizations—Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek—and Aryan and Barbarian fundamental race conflicts. It is a huge study. If you start calculating the number of books on that you require about 12 huge rooms. I am just giving you the total essence of what I have gone through to let you understand your basic fundamental structure.
Beads, 32, Fall 1976, p 29, 30, 31

Garlic, Sex and Yoga

Most Yoga disciplines which call for abstention from sex warn against eating of onions and garlic as these increase the potency of sex glands. However, in Kundalini Yoga the sex energy is controlled and channeled up to stimulate and charge the higher nerve centers resulting in greater awareness . . . so garlic and onion are in! Garlic is one of the healthiest foods one can eat.
Beads, Kundalini Foods, 1971 VIII

Guru Gobind Singh Could not do What
We have done, claims Yogi Bhajan

In my personal experience as gross human body, it is the first time in the world the real perfect shape of the Khalsa came into existence. It didn't happen in the time of Guru Gobind Singh. I see and now look back at the Sikh history. We have done—a handful of us—a more tremendous sacrifice for the sake of humanity on this planet than anybody can even relate to. But I should say, as an honest historian, that when I look back accurately at Sikh history, the Sikh woman was a great woman and she was a Sikh. But, in the West, I see the woman, in a very elaborate and equal state of consciousness, to be a Khalsa.

One question is, "Why are the Sikhs who have the prosperity losing their prospect?" I have the answer to that. Because they have forgotten the great secret practices that were given to them. "Why are we [American Sikhs] out of the total insanity, becoming totally creative?" Because we are practicing those practices and that is all.
Sikh Dharma Brotherhood: 1976
Yogi Bhajan's Lecture: page 9
The title page of this Journal carries
a picture of Gurcharan Singh Tohra:
President S.G.P.C.


Guru Gobind Singh Forgot
To Write Pooran Praan Tapaa

But what is that meditation? The meditation is not just coming to the Guru. The meditation is like this. Suppose on Sunday we are to come and present ourselves to the Guru. On Saturday we start preparing for it. That is how it works. Twenty-four hours earlier than the action of infinity, if a person starts thinking cosmically that he has to go and present himself to the Guru, and starts purifying and preparing himself, they call it meditation. Pooran Praan Tapaa— remember this technique of words. Pooran means complete. Praan means prana, the life force. Tapaa means the action of purification. It is known as Pooran Praan Tapaa. It is a kind of meditation.
Of all the meditations written and known for the human, this is the highest. And that is why the mantra Guru Gobind Singh gave us was the Guru Mantra, Wah Guru. Guru Gobind Singh forgot somewhere to write that the Khalsa shall do Pooran Praan Tapaa. That is the only way I can figure it out. Otherwise the factual effect of giving a human the Guru mantra Wha Guru is only that it states, a positive intuition? Wha, the Grace, Wonderful is the Lord.
Sikh Dharma, Vol III, no 1 Spring 1977

Guru Gobind Singh Sowed the Seed
Of the Khalsa Wrongly, says Yogi Bhajan

The eminent Scientist Dr Manohar Singh Grewal of Boston is popular both among American Sikhs and Indian Sikhs. Like his grandfather Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh, who was leader of the Jaito Morcha (Agitation) he is a conscientious and devoted Sikh. When he went to Los Angeles he visited 3HO Headquarters of Yogi Bhajan, who was there.
It appears that Dr Grewal's humility and gentle nature provoked his vanity under the uncontrolled impulse of which Yogi Bhajan said in the course of talks, "Guru Gobind Singh has sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly.'7 (Guru Gobind Singh ne Khalse da bij hi ghalat lay a) Controlling his emotions at these outrageous utterances, Dr Grewal retorted, "How can you say such a thing?" And Yogi Bhajan as usual started rationalizing his statement.
In the first week of June 1977 Gurbanda Singh of Washington, whose arrogance is well known, addressed a Sikh Congregation in which 3HO people were also present at Vermont. In his speech, which is always snobbish in tone and material, he tried to prove that the American Sikhs were very pious and holy while the Indian Sikhs were irreligious, profane (patits) and so on. Even in his writings (the few articles on Yogi Bhajan cult he has written) his tone is the same. Sardar Kehar Singh, an eminent Engineer, immediately stood up and took him to task. He told him and all those 3HO men and women who think and act like him, "We are fed up with your attempts to make us feel guilty of not being Sikhs. We are Sikhs and in many many ways far better than you people." His angry attack on the typical snobbery of the 3HO leaders was disarming. It is at this moment Dr Grewal brought out in the open Yogi Bhajan's attempt to insult and underestimate even Guru Gobind Singh. He mentioned the Los Angeles incident and told the congregation that Yogi Bhajan goes to the extent of saying that Guru Gobind Singh sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly and implying that he was correcting it. While the underlings among the 3HO devotees are quiet, unassuming, and very devout and sincere, the leaders act exactly as their Master has trained them. I do not blame them entirely for it. It is because of their haughtiness, overbearing and insulting attitude towards the Indian Sikhs, that they neither learn anything beyond what Yogiji says, nor do they seem to know the long term consequences of rejecting truth from every quarter and blindly accepting mumbo-jumbo cult ideas from Yogi Bhajan. They perhaps seriously believed that Guru Tegh Bahadur prophesied that a Great Master Yogi Bhajan would create the new Khalsa in the West and invade India to bring the Aquarian Age. The British invented this story for themselves.

Author's Comments

Wherever I went in the U.S.A. even people very friendly to Yogi Bhajan informed me that he pretended to have done more than Guru Gobind Singh did, and his vanity and ego maniac haughtiness had gone to the extent of saying in a gathering that he can even shake the gaddi (throne) of Guru Nanak. I did not take these stories seriously and refused to believe them. But I was shocked to read the afore-mentioned statements published within the last 12 months or so. But when I saw these insulting remarks heaped on Guru Gobind Singh in print, the shock became unbearable.
A devout Sikh goes to the Guru every morning and not only on Sundays, and Sunday was never observed as a day of congregational worship throughout history. Bhai Nand Lai tells us in Zandgi Nam ah that though the Sikhs go to the temple, or the Guru, for formal worship every morning but for congregational worship the Sikhs gathered together twice a month, on Sankranti and Massia (the first day of the Indian lunar calendar and the middle of the month according to lunar days). In the code of the Conduct given to the Khalsa (Rehatnamas) the Gurus have clearly stated that a Sikh should not perform yoga asanas, nor believe in mantras, yantras and other absurdities quoted in this chapter and practiced and preached by Yogi Bhajan.
There is no such word as Puran Pran Tapan mantra in any dictionary in any Indian language. It is perhaps the silliest of all Yogi Bhajan's absurd brain waves which shows more of his ignorance than wisdom of Sikh history and scriptures. Sometimes I doubt if he has once gone through the Sikh scriptures, even without understanding them. He possibly could not. Up till recently, he did not know the language of the scriptures, and I am more than certain that he cannot interpret even ten pages of it correctly. Yet he sincerely believes that he can fool the ignorant American Sikhs to believe that he is the Super-Messiah of the Age, and they at least must believe that he is greater than the Sikh Gurus, and he has done what the Gurus were unable to do. We will study in detail how he has built himself as the Western Pope of the Sikhs, the only Mahan Tantric in the World, and perhaps the only person who could tell so many lies about himself and make every American followers of his believe it. If the Americans want to understand and practice the true meditations of Sikhs Faith and move on the path with humility and wisdom as Sikh saints all over the world have done, they will have to throw all this rubbish that Yogi Bhajan is stuffing into their minds into the dust-bin and take it for granted that his knowledge of Sikh mysticism and the Khalsa Holy Order is pedestrian and less than elementary. With such absurdities in their heads, and sacrilegious notions and practices of the Sikh mantras they will be in mind, soul and spirit as far away from Sikhism as any ignorant non-Sikh, even though they may put on Sikh appearance and dress, which no doubt is very important.

Songs of Saviour Yogi Bhajan

In many 3HO Ashrams one sees a painting which Yogi Bhajan has got drawn by a Mexican artist, in which he literally equates himself with Guru Ram Das, or rather he equates Guru Ram Das with himself, by getting the Guru's turban painted exactly like his, the Guru's face exactly like his; only the Guru's beard is a little longer. The Guru sits on the left side of the Golden temple, while he sits on the right side. All other Gurus and Hindu avatars are painted as lesser figures on the top of his head.
While I listened to one song prepared by American Sikhs in Washington which was very good and did not mention the name of the Gurus or the Yogi, there are a number of other 3HO Songs where he is equated with the Gurus as the modern savior. No Sikh has ever dared to do this in Sikh history. Some maniacs who equated themselves with the Gurus were kicked out of the Sikh Path, and after misleading a handful of followers they died in disgrace and ignominy. We find the names of about 12 such people in history. Here are some of the songs in which Yogi Bhajan equated himself with the Gurus:

3HO Sikh National Anthem

Guru Nanak gave us the word echoing,
through this earth to be heard,
Guru Gobind Singh gave us the sword to protect,
the weak from the merciless foe.
Chanting Satnam, Chanting Satnam, Chanting Satnam.

Guru Ram Das built a temple of gold
Gold and marble in the eye of the soul.
Strength to the fearful in the home of the dear.
In grace united praising God's Holy Name.
Chanting Satnam . . .

Born into this world from the Universal womb Oh Divine
Mother (Shakti) Lantern of Truth
That each Lady is a goddess on this earth.
In grace united praising God's Holy Name
Chanting Satnam . . .

Shining from the East came Harbhajan Singh
Opening hearts to the Aquarian dream
The aged Truth on this earth shall be known
And victory to God by the Grace of the sword.
Chanting Satnam . . .

The Ballad of the Khalsa

We are giving only the first and the last verses:

1. Guru Nanak found and came in this land To preach one God for all of men. He sang the song of love, and ecstasy, To bring man's heart into harmony.

A new star rose on the Western sea, Yogiji came to fulfill the prophecy, Nine hundred sixty million Sikhs to be, All of them Healthy, Happy, Holy.

We shall study in a little more detail in the next chapter Yogi Bhajan's bid to establish himself as the only Maha Tantric in the world, and the One and Only Spiritual Authority over the Sikhs in the Western Hemisphere which no Sikh worth the name has ever acknowledged. Before we close this chapter we give two more ingenious theories of Yogi Bhajan without comment: one about precious stones and the other of tickling 72,000 nerve endings in the human foot to tickle and stimulate every gland of the body.


Precious stones

We quote Yogi Bhajan on Precious Stones and rings, which for him are his status symbol, and for possessing which he expends quite a lot of his energy and ingenuity. He says in Beads, Summer 1972, "Precious stones are not precious because the rich wear them and the poor do not. Rather, they are precious because when cut in the proper way they concentrate sun energy and can transmit to the individual through the skin. Hence most rings are worn on the ring finger. The quality of energy channeled by each stone differs and so does its effect on the individual. Stones also correspond to the planets and serve in mediating the scattered energy which comes from retrograding planets."
Yogi Bhajan has given the following comments on stones.
Ruby (Sun) concentrates the heart of the sun's rays.
Moonstone and Pearls (Moon) help balance out too much sun energy. They are commonly worn by Libra.
Diamond (Venus and practically everything) can concentrate miles of sun rays into one beam. Recently in Los Angeles someone was robbed of 100,000 worth of jewel within 72 hours.
Emerald (Mercury) has wonderful effect on the brain and is a cooling stone. Good luck for everyone.
Coral (Mars) is for balancing positive and negative forces.
Topaz (Jupiter) is a good luck stone.
Blue Sapphire (Saturn) can give so much energy to a person that he becomes negative. Those who are interested in details can read the Journal Beads, Summer 1972, p. 16. I do not know what is the opinion of the Jewelers on these statements but from the point of Sikhism these notions are worthless absurdities.


How to Massage 72,000 Nerve Endings

In his strangest of the strange books, Yoga—tennis Awareness, Yogi Bhajan tells us on page 189, "The feet are one of five areas where the 72,000 nerve endings or nadis are found. Feet can take pounding playing tennis; a foot massage really helps. The technique given here included elements of zone therapy and yogic massage." He recommends Peanut oil to be used for the massage. He has given a foot chart, and the point where you press will help you to tickle the gland you wish to tickle into action. Only expert Neurologists can give their opinion on this subject in which the author is a layman, but Yogi Bhajan is Super-Neurologist (Maha Neurologist) as he would like to call himself. (See Fig. 11 and marvel at all the human glands stretched on your foot.)
On page 220-221 there is another piece of wisdom inspired by Yogi Bhajan which says: "To practice sexual Tantra, total truth and total trust are required. . . . The practice starts with meditation together and after perhaps the sharing of the cardamom seed. Slowly the dance evolves . . . the dance in which every breath . . . touch . . . movement . . . even thought ... is totally savored (compassionately understood) by the one consciousness that you are sharing. The body of the partner becomes the body of Ram or the Divine Mother. Each touch or kiss is an act of devotion to that sacred being. The entire experience is the act of worship and the orgasm itself ceases to be of paramount importance. There are numerous specific techniques which reduce the risk of losing your center. An example is the maithuna (intercourse) position in which the woman sits astride the man. This position slows down the arousal process and the orgasm, thus allowing the partners to remain conscious throughout the entire practice." (p 220-221)
On page 214 there is a note on dietry for this Yoga: It says, "Food which entails cooking in its preparation should only be eaten when it has been cooked with mantra and/or love. The vibrations of the person preparing the food enter into food cooked over fire. A Sanskrit mantra which can be used for preparing food is: OM ANNAN BRAHMA RASO BISHNUR BHOKTA DEBO JANARDANAHI AWAEM GYANTWA TO YO BHUNKT ANN DOSORN LIPYATE, which means "Food is Brahma. It is rasa. Juice is Vishnu. The whole world (Life Being) is its user. Having this thought makes ineffective the evils connected with this food." What has all this to do with Sikhism God alone knows.

This is the first time I have seen a Sanskrit Sloka written like that. If everything is peculiar in 3HO, then perhaps why not the writing and transliteration of Sanskrit Sloka.

1. According to another statement of Yogi published in 1972, he was 42 in the year 1971, when his disciple is writing about him. So he is supposed to have started his search for Truth at the age of 2. All this and many other statements he is making must be news even to his father who is living . . . Author.

Figure 11 3HO Anatomy of the Foot

Figure 12 3HO Meditations begin and end with male and female partners looking into each other's eyes and sharing each other's
desires and emotions.

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