Sikhs protest at Yogi Bhajan's birthday party, SikhNet's shiv / shakti tantric practices!

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Thursday, August 01, 2013, 18:00 (3972 days ago)
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The protest at Yogi Bhajan's birthday party where Sikhs will march against Yogi Bhajan followers misrepresenting Sikhi will start at 5:00 PM MDT August 24th on the west side of NM State Hwy 106 in front of Yogi Bhajan's ranch. We will carry placards saying, "Sikhs are NOT tantric yogis" "Sikhs do NOT worship idols" "Yogi Bhajan followers should stop using Singh, Kaur & Khalsa in their names" "SikhNet should stop misrepresenting Sikhi"

This pic shows Yogi Bhajan followers worshiping Bhajan and Hiundu idols at Bhajan's death place and in the same location as the birthday party.

You can also view for yourself on Google Earth at these coordinates the location of the Yogi Bhajan birthday party & protest:

35 58 48.30" N 106 02 33.39" W
Siri Singh Sahib Lane Espanola New Mexico USA



I have been writing now for three years about the anti-Sikh practices like idol worship and tantric shiv/shakti yoga of Yogi Bhajan's cult. The perfect opportunity has developed where all Sikhs opposed to Yogi Bhajan’s agenda of subsuming Sikhi into Hinduism has presented itself this month when Bhajan’s followers will celebrate their cult “master’s” birthday. See for yourself and take photos of SikhNet directors & Yogi Bhajan’s followers worshiping the Yogi at his death place and giving reverence to idols of Hindu & Buddhist deities on August 24 in Espanola NM USA. Bhajan’s Sikh Dharma is hosting a public birthday party for Yogi Bhajan at his ranch where many of these anti Sikh idols of Hindu gods adorn the grounds. All Sikhs are invited to attend a protest march in front of the Yogi Bhajan compound in Espanola New Mexico on August 24th. TV and other media are invited as well.
Contact Gursant Singh at 505 903 2675 or e-mail me at If Sikhs need help financially for transportation to the protest please let me know and I'll make arrangements. Please see this video and facebook page for more info on the anti-Sikh practices at Yogi Bhajan's "ranch" and amongst his followers.
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I took a walk around Yogi Bhajan's 30 acre dera recently and took some snaps of the huge golden Buddha's and other Hindu idols which are kept from public view and scrutiny. Is this dera of Yogi Bhajan's a secret tantric Centre of "magical power" from which SikhNet draws "spiritual energy" from Yogi Bhajan's fictitious tantric guru Tibetan Buddhist tantric master Lama Lilan Po? Come see for yourself on August 24th.

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