SikhNet publishes poem insulting traditional Sikhs with the statement, "Sikhs do NOT know the difference between right & wrong, Love & hate..."

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Friday, August 29, 2014, 05:44 (3580 days ago)

SikhNet publishes poem calling Sikhs ungrateful for Yogi Bhajan "bringing the light of Sikhi to the world"! SikhNet also insults Sikhs in the poem stating, "Sikhs do NOT know the difference between right & wrong, Love & hate..." This poem published by SikhNet is beadbi against all Sikhs and Guru Nanak Dev Ji and should be removed immediately from the SikhNet website! The poem states among other sacrilegious proclamations, "You (Yogi Bhajan) brought the light of Sikhi to the world. You (Yogi Bhajan) are our true master."


This poem shows an unparalleled sense of self entitlement and arrogance at SikhNet & among most Yogi Bhajan followers who continually insult traditional Sikhs with their sacrilegious dribble praising the rapist Yogi Bhajan. SikhNet & the Yogi Bhajan followers continue to slap Sikhs in the face with their insults that Yogi Bhajan has the "right way of Sikhi" & that 3HO will "save Sikhi from extinction"!

Here are two post by Vikram Singh on Gurmat Learning Zone that I think traditional Sikhs will find helpful in understanding the truth behind Yogi Bhajan and his gora Sikhs: Vikram Singh is responding to a statement made by a Yogi Bhajan follower on a social media forum: Yogi Bhajan follower says, "Punjabis can be some of the most racist. They don’t relate to white Sikhs, or black people, or Hispanics. Amazing. Almost as bad as the Japanese. But this is changing, as well. Many Punjabis see us as the saviors of the faith. Inclusion will come to them, or they won’t survive." Antion Vikram Singh responds to Ranbir Singh Bhai who posted the Yogi Bhajan followers statement on GLZ to get a response from the Sikh community:
Vikram Singh Says:
As an "American" Sikh (20 years as a Bhajanist and 24 as an "ordinary" Sikh) I have heard this kind of talk many times. When I was a Bhajanist the level of understanding of Sikh History, Sikh Rehit Maryada, Punjabi culture and history of our Guru Sahiban amongst my peers was abysmal, verging on non-existent.
In addition, the level of arrogance that we had the "right way of Sikhi" or that we were ongoing to "save Sikhi from extinction" was extremely high.
Personally I am deeply disturbed by what I see happening in the Bhajanist movement. In the field of teaching Kundalini Yoga the movement seems to be expanding exponentially. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but the "New Age People" (sorry, I can't think of a better term) to whom the Bhajanists are teaching this yoga are very open to and somewhat familiar with Hindu terminology and practices. Thus the Kundalini Yoga they teach veers more and more towards Hindu practices. The Bhajanist movement is becoming more and more Hindu like. Sadly no one amongst them seems to care.
Few Bhajanists have any idea of what sacrifices were made by those who went before to maintain the purity of Sikhi in the face of the relentless drive of certain factions amongst the Hindus to subsume Sikhi back into the relentless juggernaut of Hindutva. They don't care about the persecution, genocide and economic warfare pursued by the Indian Government against Sikhs in India.
Instead they have this arrogance that they have the "true path of Sikhi" and that the Punjabis will somehow have to follow along.
This kind of talk makes me very sad and I only see further misunderstanding and miscommunication in the future between Bhajanists and Punjabi origin Sikhs.
Vikram Singh

In this next post on GLZ Antion Vikram Singh Meredith says:
Veer Jaspal Singh ji, After more than 40 years the number of Bhajanists who left Bhajanism and remained Sikhs - like myself - can be counted on the fingers of two hands. For Bhajanists Sikhi and Bhajanism are one and the same. When they tire of Bhajanism they leave Sikhi - except for a very small handful. What kind of miracle is that?
Antion Vikram Singh Meredith says:
Veer Jaspal Singh ji - I don't know how many amritdhari Bhajanists you know but I have known many. I'm sorry to tell you that - overwhelmingly - they do not differentiate between Bhajanism and Sikhi. For example all the ones that I knew put Yogi Bhajan's morning practices before their nitnem - if they did nitnem at all. Their knowledge of Sikh History, History of Guru Sahiban, Sikh Rehat Maryada and Punjabi Culture was verging on the non-existent. All this came second to Yogi Bhajan's yoga teachings. I'm not saying this is true for all - just for the overwhelming majority. You might say - well, you don't need to know these things to be a good Khalsa. That may be true. But if your Sikhi knowledge is only made up of and concerned with Yogi Bhajan's yoga teachings, what kind of Khalsa can you be?

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