"Where are the rings & beautiful faces? They are no longer..." Guru Sahib Ji's Hukamnama to SikhNet & 3HO Yogi Bhajan's kundalini yoga followers

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"Where are the rings & beautiful faces? They are no longer..." Guru Sahib Ji's Hukamnama to SikhNet & 3HO Yogi Bhajan's kundalini yoga followers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm9WjyoQrB0


To SikhNet & Yogi Bhajan's kundalini yoga followers: "Where are the rings & the beautiful faces? They are no longer.... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.837757719610133.1073741832.216237598428818&type=1

English translation of the Hukamnama from Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the "Celebrate the living legacy of Yogi Bhajan" event.

ਆਸਾ ਮਹਲਾ ੧ ॥
आसा महला १ ॥
Āsā mėhlā 1.
Aasaa, First Mehl:
ਕਹਾ ਸੁ ਖੇਲ ਤਬੇਲਾ ਘੋੜੇ ਕਹਾ ਭੇਰੀ ਸਹਨਾਈ ॥
Where are the games, the stables, the horses? Where are the drums and the bugles?
ਕਹਾ ਸੁ ਤੇਗਬੰਦ ਗਾਡੇਰੜਿ ਕਹਾ ਸੁ ਲਾਲ ਕਵਾਈ ॥
Where are the sword-belts and chariots? Where are those scarlet uniforms?
ਕਹਾ ਸੁ ਆਰਸੀਆ ਮੁਹ ਬੰਕੇ ਐਥੈ ਦਿਸਹਿ ਨਾਹੀ ॥੧॥
Where are the rings and the beautiful faces? They are no longer to be seen here. ||1||
ਇਹੁ ਜਗੁ ਤੇਰਾ ਤੂ ਗੋਸਾਈ ॥
This world is Yours; You are the Lord of the Universe.
ਏਕ ਘੜੀ ਮਹਿ ਥਾਪਿ ਉਥਾਪੇ ਜਰੁ ਵੰਡਿ ਦੇਵੈ ਭਾਂਈ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥
In an instant, You establish and disestablish. You distribute wealth as it pleases You. ||1||Pause||
ਕਹਾਂ ਸੁ ਘਰ ਦਰ ਮੰਡਪ ਮਹਲਾ ਕਹਾ ਸੁ ਬੰਕ ਸਰਾਈ ॥
Where are the houses, the gates, the hotels and palaces? Where are those beautiful way-stations?
ਕਹਾਂ ਸੁ ਸੇਜ ਸੁਖਾਲੀ ਕਾਮਣਿ ਜਿਸੁ ਵੇਖਿ ਨੀਦ ਨ ਪਾਈ ॥
Where are those beautiful women, reclining on their beds, whose beauty would not allow one to sleep?
ਕਹਾ ਸੁ ਪਾਨ ਤੰਬੋਲੀ ਹਰਮਾ ਹੋਈਆ ਛਾਈ ਮਾਈ ॥੨॥
Where are those betel leaves, their sellers, and the harem? They have vanished like shadows. ||2||
ਇਸੁ ਜਰ ਕਾਰਣਿ ਘਣੀ ਵਿਗੁਤੀ ਇਨਿ ਜਰ ਘਣੀ ਖੁਆਈ ॥
For the sake of this wealth, so many were ruined; because of this wealth, so many have been disgraced.
Jathedar of Akal Takhat's bad vision or corrupt view of Sikhi? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10204924530852395&set=a.10204924757458060&type=3&theater

After viewing last night's speech by the Jathedar of the Akal Takhat along with the other speeches from Yogi Bhajan's cult henchmen & Bhajan's wife Inderjit Kaur Puri at this staged event to "Celebrate the living legacy of Yogi Bhajan", I am convinced that the Jathedar is every bit as corrupt as Yogi Bhajan. We all know that Yogi Bhajan raped his students both literally and figuratively, and actively practiced Shiv / Shakti occult tantric yoga worship. Yogi Bhajan was an agent of Indira Gandhi's & the now current chief minister of the Punjab, Badal who all plotted to assassinate Shaheed Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. The only option now is for Sikhs to pray for Waheguru's guidance and strength to remove this corrupt Jathedar along with his cronies from office and replace them with Gursikhs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnZl3iPJqnM

The corrupt Jathedar obviously chose to ignore cult golden idols of siri chand, Hindu gods like shiva & ganesha along with Yogi Bhajan's own image at the 3HO / SikhNet Gurdwara in New Mexico which you can see in the video link below. 3HOers bow & offer money to these stone idols in direct violation of the Sikh code of conduct! You'll also note that there are huge tantric paintings of Yogi Bhajan and a painting of the Catholic goddess Mary inside a Sikh Khanda on the wall inside the Gurdwara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BghkHjruups

You can see the huge Ganesha golden idol at the entrance to Yogi Bhajan's ranch at this video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYz4h0IsIYg&feature=player_detailpage#t=8

The shiva statues & other hindu idols at the Yogi Bhajan ranch were also conveniently ignored by the Jathedar as they are at all the entrances to the Bhajan dera. This fb album shows pictures of them: https://www.facebook.com/gursant/media_set?set=a.1854930652381.109587.1214270541&type=3

Sikhs ask SikhNet : "Who has distorted Sikhi?"
1. Yogi Bhajan taught that you had to make a connection with a living spiritual teacher.
2. Yogi Bhajan taught that you should meditate on his photograph.
5. Yogi Bhajan taught that you should have a photo of the golden idol of Sri Chand, that is at the entrance to the SikhNet Gurdwara in Espanola, in your home.
12. Yogi Bhajan taught he should name everyone, not by consulting the Guru, but by using astrology and numerology.
14. Yogi Bhajan taught that when he died, only his physical body would be gone. His soul would then reside in his subtle body which would hover over his students, while he still taught and led tantric. To his students he would not be dead but immortal.
15. Yogi Bhajan taught that a miniature kirpan of one inch worn in the hair was enough to satisfy Guru Gobind Singh Ji's 5 kakar's requirement.
This is what Yogi Bhajan taught. After reading the above statements, again ask yourself: "Who has distorted Sikhi?" https://www.facebook.com/216237598428818/photos/a.837757719610133.1073741832.216237598428818/837757792943459/?type=1&theater

Isn't it ironic & sad that SikhNet & Yogi Bhajan's 3HO sect refuse to acknowledge Vikram Singh now that he is offering sincere & legitimate criticism of Yogi Bhajan and 3HO's Kundalini yoga.

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Sunday, October 12, 2014, 14:26 (3535 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Isn't it ironic & sad that SikhNet & Yogi Bhajan's 3HO sect refuse to acknowledge Vikram Singh now that he is offering sincere & legitimate criticism of Yogi Bhajan and 3HO's Kundalini yoga.

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith made this satement on Gurmat Learning Zone recently: I have discussed Vikram Singh's post in the video at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZOedeAszjU :

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith says:
Veer Jaspal Singh ji, After more than 40 years the number of Bhajanists who left Bhajanism and remained Sikhs - like myself - can be counted on the fingers of two hands. For Bhajanists Sikhi and Bhajanism are one and the same. When they tire of Bhajanism they leave Sikhi - except for a very small handful. What kind of miracle is that?

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith says:
Veer Jaspal Singh ji - I don't know how many amritdhari Bhajanists you know but I have known many. I'm sorry to tell you that - overwhelmingly - they do not differentiate between Bhajanism and Sikhi. For example all the ones that I knew put Yogi Bhajan's morning practices before their nitnem - if they did nitnem at all. Their knowledge of Sikh History, History of Guru Sahiban, Sikh Rehat Maryada and Punjabi Culture was verging on the non-existent. All this came second to Yogi Bhajan's yoga teachings. I'm not saying this is true for all - just for the overwhelming majority. You might say - well, you don't need to know these things to be a good Khalsa. That may be true. But if your Sikhi knowledge is only made up of and concerned with Yogi Bhajan's yoga teachings, what kind of Khalsa can you be?

Sikhs request SikhNet stop censoring posts which legitimately criticize Yogi Bhajan & reveal the truth behind the history of 3HO gora Sikhs.
Here is the link where you can contact SikhNet: http://fateh.sikhnet.com//sikhnet/singles.nsf/ContactSikhNet

Please find my reply which SikhNet blocked, to a recent SikhNet article "Guruka Singh: How I Became A Sikh": When you talk about "....in 1969 first Batch of American Sikhs visited Siri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar" as being "pooran sikhs", there are some things you don't realize. First of all, for the record, it was 1970-1971, not 1969. Secondly it was all for show. The overwhelming majority of Yogi Bhajan's "pooran sikhs" were wearing turbans only because they had been told by Bhajan Yogi to do so! Yogi Bhajan knew that it would hugely impress the innocent Punjabis who desperately wanted to believe that Bhajan was converting white westerners to Sikhism. Bhajan knew it would cause a sensation and it did. By the time the white westerners left India there were only a handful who were still wearing turbans and today only one, that number is ( 1 ) of those people is still a Sikh. I might also mention that that one lone person who remained a Sikh is still part of the Yogi Bhajan sect and actively practices tantric & kundalini yoga which are not part of Sikhi. What's so great about that?
"Yogi Bhajan's gora Sikhs! The true history behind 1970 Yatra (trip) to India!"

Sikhs demand that SikhNet publish the true story behind Yogi Bhajan's gora (white) Sikhs! The official Bhajanist story in the photo from 1970 published by Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma International is of course - like so much Yogi Bhajan propaganda - a fraud against the Sikh religion! Read more discussion with Sikhs at this facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=793028590749713&set=a.216247478427830.66507.216237598428818&type=1&theater

Premka Kaur was one of those who supposedly was "moved to take amrit". This is what she said in a court document: http://yogibhajan.tripod.com/id8.html

28. It was during this trip to India that defendants claim that I took Sikh vows. It is true that I participated in a ceremony, which Bhajan orchestrated, at the temple at Amritsar. However, at that time, I understood very little about the Sikh religion, or what the import of the ceremony might be. I did not make a decision that I wanted to become a Sikh or to take Sikh vows prior to going out to the temple or prior to taking the trip to India.

29. This was one of many instances, like the abortion related above, in which I did not choose my conduct or the way I wished to proceed with my life. Bhajan made the choice of what my action would be, and presented it to me as decided.

30. All of us who were on the trip to Amritsar in 1970-1971 participated in what defendants call taking Sikh vows. I participated in the ceremony because Bhajan told me it was special, and he wanted me to do it. I had no independent recognition of the ceremony as a religious ceremony, nor did I know what place, if any, the ceremony had in the Sikh religion.

And Dr. Trilochan Singh in his book "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" says: http://gurmukhyoga.com/forum/index.php?mode=page&id=1

The Documentary Film on Yogi Bhajan

"The film started with the caption on the screen: "Being a cunning assemblage of unscripted
film documentary, the 90 day Trip of Happiness to India with Yogi Bhajan and his Yoga
students." Here are some of the scenes which have left a deep impression on my mind.

The first humiliating scene is Jathedar of Akal Takhat administering Amrit baptism to the reluctant and ignorant Americans, a drama organized and arranged by
Mahinder Singh and his bosses. They are huddled together and told that all they have to do is to keep their eyes open and say Vah-Guru ji k a Khalsa and Vah-Guru-ji-ki Fateh every time they are given baptismal water. Normally that was what was required from them except wearing five K's, all of which Yogi Bhajan does not wear to
this day. He might do in the future. While baptism is being administered in the film, one can hear laughter, giggling and indecent disturbances from outsiders who are watching and commenting. The whole spectacle is so sacrilegious and an open insult to the authentic and traditional method of administering Sikh baptism that I do not
think Sikh baptism was ever made such a mockery and empty ritual."

Sikhs are encouraged to write Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma on their fb page at this link and insist they tell the truth and stop propagating a false history of Sikhs & frauds against the Sikh religion.

My 30 years of experience in the Yogi Bhajan 3HO kundalini yoga cult https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i_gGXDDCGE&list=UUQDV5etGNZ9AnZ-3PnLklzw

Be sure to watch the next video in this series at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RtTP3dJf54

Why does 3HO & SikhNet censor Vikram Singh's comments who is the only Sikh pictured wearing a gatra & Kirpan in 1972 while raising 3HO’s “Sikh Nation” flag in SikhNet’s own article “Inauguration of a Sikh Nation”? http://www.sikhnet.com/news/throw-back-thursday-inaguration-sikh-nation

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