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This blog is written by a Yogi Bhajan student. I don't think this is the vision Guru Gobind Singh has for the Khalsa.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
White tantric yoga
Sounds kinky yes? Well according to Yogi Bhajan there is black tantric, which is voodoo or black magic, red tantric, which is the sexual energy kind and white tantric, which is the pure movement of energy stuff.

I was just in Chicago and finished my sixth one. It was one of the easiest ones physically, but most moving of all of them. I partnered with someone I've know for years, which added to the experience of course, but I'm also more cleaned out now from not drinking or being in smoky bars, so apparently my energy channels are freer flowing. I felt every bit of movement of energy and the blocks I've held onto for years were swept away, well, some of them anyway! lol

You sit in rows of men facing women on opposite side of the line and with the balance of energy that way (masculine/feminine) and the amount of people there (166 this time) it builds a big amount of energy and moves through you for 40 days, helping to cleanse the crap out of your subconscious, sometimes abruptly! So one must watch what comes out of ones mouth at times, usually for the whole 40 days.

I have had some emotional release yesterday and today but am good with it. The first one I did last year in Chicago made me feel full of peace and love and happiness, then the one in Knoxville made me more melancholy and the one at winter solstice, which is 3 days was the intense one, cleaning a lot of stuff out of my closet, and then I felt amazing after and even chose to change my name and become a Sikh! This one feels more balanced, I don't feel bad and like I want to slap people, just like I'm working through some things and letting go of them but all the while feeling happy and balanced. Good stuff!!!

Just a quick, short post, but wanted to put it out there. Love to you all! Sat nam

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